Winter is just around the corner…

We may be heading closer to cold and flu season, but don’t worry – I have a plan for you! Its important to both prevent and treat cold and flu and I am sharing my favorites to keep your system strong:

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My favorite immune support products 

  • For best results start taking one nutritional support, either Immuplex or Epimune and Echinacea to prevent cold and flu 
  • Have Congaplex and Andrographis on hand to start taking immediately at first sign cold or flu- it works every time, even for COVID!


  • Nutritional support for all aspects of the immune system to prevent cold & flu
  • Multivitamin for the immune system
  • Contains vitamin A, C, E, zinc, selenium, vitamin B12 thymus, liver and spleen glandulars…and more.

Epimune Complex

  • Vegetarian immune system support
  • Contains calcium lactate (bacteria and viral support), Acerola cherry (vitamin C), zinc, Coriolus and Maitake mushrooms and Beta- glucan


  • Herbal immune support to prevent cold and flu.
  • Modulates the immune system to regulate and promote the immune response
  • Activates the Endocannabinoid system for immune stress and autoimmune


  • Primary nutritional support for cold, flu, and COVID
  • Also effective for congestion, inflammation and infections
  • At first sign take 4 capsules 3X day or every 2 hours if severe.

Andrographis Complex

  • Herbal support for first sign of cold, flu, and COVID
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Also supports throat, ears, sinus and gastrointestinal infections

At first sign take 2 tablets 3x day or every 2 hours if severe

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Order Winter Wellness Products